Hide the city to explore the hundred year old Bien Hoa pottery village

About the pottery village of Bien Hoa Dong Nai

Bien Hoa pottery village is located on the romantic Dong Nai River with more than 300 years of age, famous for its two largest pottery villages, Tan Van pottery village and Bien Hoa pottery practice school cluster that still exists and develops. prosperous. It is here that the origin of famous Southern pottery villages such as Binh Duong pottery, Thu Duc pottery, … With more than 100 large and small production establishments including private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, the pottery village is one of the famous tourist destinations of Bien Hoa.

Bien Hoa ceramic products are very diverse in aesthetics because each artist’s expression and talent are different. Some people have influence from the pottery arts in the North, there are Chinese ethnic Khmer living in four countries, making pottery more diverse from patterns, images, …

Previously, Bien Hoa pottery was so famous that there was a pottery vocational school in Indochina which was opened in 1903. It can be said that this period was the period of terror and prosperity of this pottery village with great resonance. throughout the international markets at that time, such as Japanese, French, … It was a combination of Vietnamese pottery style with Chinese pottery and French Limoge pottery.

That is the reason why you can easily see that the ceramic decorations here are often Chinese style with images of the four noble characters, or poems from Chinese characters, … or the image of Vixnu. , Xiva god, … of the Cham people.

The characteristic feature of Bien Hoa pottery is the enamel preparation as well as the high-tech element of the potter. The enamel dot stitching is always considered the most important step, requiring the worker to be someone with long-term experience. Otherwise, when heated, the products will cause them to be distorted or deformed. The potter must also choose the best materials to avoid making poor quality products.

Experiencing many ups and downs of history and fluctuations of time, now the products of Bien Hoa pottery village are exported to Southeast Asian countries and Europe. Since then, Bien Hoa pottery is still more famous than other places because of both quality and design. No matter how many diverse patterns or colors are created, the pottery village here still retains the characteristics of old ceramics.

Each ceramic kiln keeps its own secret to its own crafting technique of ceramic enamel. Therefore, the products here not only have high value for use but also have great artistic value.

Discovering Bien Hoa pottery village is extremely interesting

Moving to Bien Hoa pottery village, you can go in the direction of the Saigon Highway to Bien Hoa from Ho Chi Minh City about 30km. Coming to Dong Nai river basin, you will see pictures of rich villages with pottery kilns emitting smoke into the sky. Those are the pottery villages in Bien Hoa. Currently, ceramic production areas are mainly located in the south of Bien Hoa city, in Hoa An, Vu Hoa, Tan Van, Tan Hanh and Long Thanh communes. So if you want to come and explore, remember these places!

Currently, the village of pottery production combines with culture and tourism to preserve and preserve the tradition for hundreds of years. This is both a way of preserving and also propagating the quintessence of Bien Hoa’s handicraft products so that visitors from all directions can admire, learn and be proud of.

Visiting Bien Hoa pottery village, you will visit the pottery kilns built long ago specializing in making household items such as types of jars, jars, pots, … with the main material is clay mixed with sand. These kilns can be heated at extremely high temperatures to form thick and strong ceramic bones.

Tan Van pottery village is one of the oldest pottery-making villages in the South. At this point, you can admire the whole process of ceramic production from the selection of raw materials, shaping the turntable or in the mold, drawing sunk, embossing, glaze to firing, … or seeing a variety of views. kinds of flower pots, statues, … with delicate, modern and extremely elegant decorations of Bien Hoa pottery.

At present, the process of creating ceramic products still carries traditional traditions as well as the techniques and processing stages. In addition to crafting household products, the ceramic manufacturing facilities here also produce a lot of products with decorative elements.

With interesting things when you come to discover Bien Hoa pottery village, you will be extremely excited. In the process of reclaiming this land of Dong Nai, many traditional occupations and including pottery have brought this street to develop and become crowded as it is now!


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